"Scrapbook" by Manganime

...Alles, was sich an Ideen ansammelt und mir im Kopf rumschwirrt...Gedankenfetzen, kleine Szenen, Poems...ist hier zu finden...

Wish I could remember better

the days as a child,

when you were there

watching over me.

Not the sad memories

of our last visits,

before you were gone

from this world.

Feb. 1st 2018

Closing his eyes,

Shutting his vision,

he fears the look on her face,

he fears the glimpse into future,

he knows he cannot show her,

he knows he´s got to kill her,

if he lets her hands wander

if he lets her take it off,

it will be the end of hiding

it will be the end of his perfection



(One Piece)

For Valentine´s Day 2016


I couldn´t be mad at you

Even if I wanted to be

I couldn´t be sad with you

Even if I was down


I couldn´t be happier

When I´m with you


It can only be shining

When I see your eyes

It can only be bright

When I feel your smile

On your lips

In our kiss

In my heart


Don´t leave,

Be here,

Stay here

With me,



I whisper in my soul,

I whisper in my heart,

I whisper in your ear.

Oh, how do I fear,

The darkness without you,

The black hole inside me



It can only be shining

When I see your eyes

It can only be bright

When I feel your smile

On your lips

In our kiss

In my heart


Will never do,

Will always stay with you,

Don´t be afraid,

Don´t feel alone,

I´m here with you.”


You whisper back,

Feeling my fear

Feeling my heart


You know me so well



„Ich hasse dich.“

Du bist nicht da, wenn ich dich brauche,

du bist nicht da, wenn ich es mir wünsche,

du bist immer woanders,

wo ich nicht bin,

immer dort,

wo ich dich nicht finde.

Kenne ich dich nicht?


warum dann...

klingt es so verkehrt?

Bin so weit von mir selbst entfernt,

dass ich nicht merke,

dass du eigentlich

neben mir stehst?

Bin zu tief in mir selbst verträumt,

um den Weg zu deiner Präsenz

zu finden?

So muss es sein,

denn etwas in mir weiß genau,

dass es nicht stimmt,

was ich sage.

Versucht es doch verzweifelt,

mir den Weg zu dir zu zeigen

Wanna have Snow! 

Dancing with the snowflakes in the air,

falling in their soft cold cushions on the floor,

becoming an angel of winter in cold ice,

and getting a friend made of white flakes,

that´s winter with snow..

I´ve got the madness in my mind,
I´ve got the madness all around me,
feel it raging through my veins,
feel it never comes to peace..

what´s up with me?

Why can´t I get my mind straight,

it doesn´t conect to my feelings,

or are my feelings gone?

Where to find and pick them up,

can you tell me?


I always see the pictures,

running through my head,

sometimes reaching my heart,

but why,

why can´t I reach down,

pull them out

and show them on paper?


Have I lost my touch?

Have I lost something else?

es ist schwer für mich direkt in die Kitschkacke zu treten,

wenns so viel einfacher ist drumrumzutippen

The Beauty and the Cannibal?

“Say that again, you beast!

Say it again in my face

And will tear you apart!”

Fury is screaming through his voice.

“Oh, Blondie, really you dunno?

It doesn´t matter at all to me”,

Says the Cannibal to the Pirateprince,

and places a kiss on his lips.


Cavendish & Bartolomeo

(One Piece)

~ Comment: 

wenn das mal nicht ein stylisches Pair ist^^

ich jedenfalls bin jetzt schon ein Fan von den beiden :)

Call to Gin

through the darkest hours 

in my life

through the blackest thoughts

in cold nights,

where my heart was bleeding,

where my emotions where screaming,

where my soul was descending to hell,

calling wishes of death to the world,

praying my hatred would burn it,

whisper his name and order the kill..


Sweet Amoris


taking a role,

playing an act,

driving boys crazy,

step by step,

get into their business,

open their minds..

nobody´s save when

the authors begin to write

about their lives..

if I wasn´t so alone


when I needed it most,

if I wasn´t so sad


when nobody´s here,

I wouldn´t need

anybody but me..


why does it hurt so much

the feeling of missing

another human part

which connects to

my aching soul?

call me crazy, call me insane,

got to be crazy, got to be insane,

otherwise I won´t survive

see the world,

insane and crazy


and you understand..


Kiryu Kyosuke

(Yu-Gi-Oh 5D´s)

~ Comment: he´s awesome & crazy, I love Kiryu :3

...Black & White,

a slice of life,

a manga of

psychological art

walking ontwo minds,

crawling through their souls

exploding in emotions

drowning in the stream of thinking

this, Grey is...


Ein schöner Manga, wirklich zu empfehlen, mal was psychologisches :)

Something Changed


When I saw your smile

In the middle of destruction,

When I saw your eyes

In the middle of victory,

I was sad

That we were not

What we were called:


I was happy

That we were alive,

And what we were:



It hadn’t been like this before,

When I hadn´t seen you smile

In the middle of victory,

When I hadn´t looked into your eyes,

In the middle of glory

I had been proud

Of us being Dragonslayers,

I had been blind to notice,

We were partners


Sting to Rogue

(from Fairy Tail)

~ Comment:

Chapter 337, the end of fight.. die Szene mit Sting und Rogue.. sie hatten zwar gewonnen, aber als Drachentöter versagt.. das wichtigste jedoch: sie sind am Leben... btw, ich glaub ich hab die zeitformen hier ziemlich verhauen >_>

Time was your only enemy

Time was your only friend,
what time stole from you long ago
what you wanted back for so long
you made Time your solution
to everything.
Time gave you permission
for everything you did,
after it had killed your happiness,
that was your way of repayment.

but in the end
Time stole your life again
this time once and for all,
but it gave you back
the lifes of the ones you cared,
so in the end
it gave you back your happiness
in a way.



(from Fairy Tail)

~ Comment:

chapter 335, Urtear Sacrifice.... I loved her charakter so much T_T 

The way of Shadow



Forgive me, my friend

As I am going without you

Into the past

To make things right

And to save your life

From my killing sword

That cuts through your life,

That cuts through our bonds.

Forgive me, my light,

I never meant to stab you

I always want you beside me,

And I promise

We will be together

When I rescue the past

And your life

In another future.


Future-Rogue to Sting

(from Fairy Tail)

~ Comment:

der Moment, in dem Future-Rogue sagte, dass er Sting getötet hat... ~

Dedicated to Gin:


snow is falling silently,

night has come treacherously,

with the devil on his left,

with the death in his emerald eyes,

cold as ice,

evil grin flashed over his marble face

extinguishes life like a cigarette

silver his hair, silver his name:


(from Detective Conan)

~ Comment:

because Gin is my favourite Killer...

Detektiv Conan wäre nicht so schön ohne die Hoffnung ihm wieder zu begegnen...~